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Name:Fairy Tail: The Guild
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place for Fairy Tail fan art, fan fiction, and readers and viewers alike to get to know each other
As a fan of Fairy Tail I was surprised to see that there wasn't a well kept community here. So I'm hoping to change that.
As the community grows (which I hope it will) I will need some help. If you would like to be a moderator, please contact me.

Think of The Guild as the place for your Fairy Tail needs!
You can post whatever you'd like: pics, fan art, fan fiction, icons, comments, beta requests, quotes, questions and discussions ... well you get the idea.
All I ask is that you abide by a few rules.

* No flaming! If someone posts a story (crossover, one shot, drabble, etc) and asks for con crit, that's fine. There is a difference between criticism and flaming.
* No spamming! If you want to advertise your community that's fine, but please limit it to one or two times a month. Excessive spamming will not be tolerated.
* If you post anything that is mature/NSFW(not safe for work) please use a cut and give a proper warning.
* If you post work that's not by you, GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR/ARTIST. Claiming something is yours when it's not is a no-no.
* If you post a large image, please put it under a cut.
* If a fic you are posting is over 700 words, please put it under a cut.
* Warn for spoilers.

When making a post, please include the following
Fan fiction:
Pairing (if any)
A link to fic or a cut

*in the tags, be sure to put author: user name
you may also include character: character name, pairing: character character --- or any other tags you see fit

Fan Art:
Title (if it has one)
A link to art or a cut

*in the tags be sure to put artist: user name

you may also include character: character name, pairing: character character -- or any other tags you see fit

Warnings include but are not limited to: character death, crack!pairing, crossovers, slash, bondage, graphic violence, NC-17/M ratings

I would like to start hosting challenges eventually. If you would like to host a challenge, please contact me with information including:
Name of Challenge
Description of Challenge

If you have any questions or doubts when it comes to posting, please contact me ^_^
<3 Thanks a lot and enjoy The Guild!!

If you would like to be an affiliate, contact me!

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